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It starts with your CV and ends with your interview

Today, the competition in the job market has significantly increased with a typical online job ad receiving around 250 CV’s per job.  If you are wanting to join one of the big tech companies, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Apple, you will be competing against over 1,000 applicants.


So how can you stand out from the others?

Whether you are a baby boomer, a millennial, or somewhere in between, you need to understand how job hunting and hiring has changed. Here is a list of suggestions to help you deal with these changes and be successful.


CV Master

With so much more competition for each job, your CV must pass through an agency or employer applicant tracking system known as ATS. That means you have to be very careful not to use a creative style resume or a format that is not going to work with ATS.

Remember, once an employer views your CV, you have 15 to 20 seconds for them to respond or move on to the next person. 

Our Master CV writer can help you create a current copy that will quality your CV ATS ready and make a real cut through with your application process.



Your professional network can help you find a job and unlock new opportunities, so it’s important to build and foster your professional relationships.  Do you know that over 70% of jobs are never advertised and come through word of mouth?  Contact us to find out the best way to effectively set up your LinkedIn profile.  

Interview coaching

Most interviews are now being conducted online. This is proving a lot harder for an employer to make their decision when they can’t see you in person. Employers are adding on more interviews, and some are also using an interview question video response before you even talk to the hiring manager. Be prepared for senior-level executives to be part of your interview process.

It has also lengthened the job search process. Job hunters are complaining about getting 5, 6, or even eight interviews before the company can make up their mind.


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From the moment you made contact, you made me feel at ease with what I thought would be a difficult process.  Thank you for helping me find and land the most amazing job. 


I didn't know how to market my CV or what key points I needed to put in.  With your help, I was able to tailor my CV which helped me get my first interview in five years.


You really are supported with interviews every step of the way.