How to leave a positive impression at the close of an interview

The end of an interview can sometimes become awkward for all involved. HR professionals and recruiters are a little bit more practiced in wrapping up this process, but what happens when you are meeting the hiring manager one on one and have exhausted all questions and covered all aspects of the role? What next?

Your goal is always to begin and leave the interview with the best possible impression with the person/people you are meeting with, so how do you achieve this?

Here are my top 5 recommendations on how to wrap up an interview on a positive note:

Confirm your interest in the job and company

The closing of an interview is a great opportunity to confirm your interest. An example of this is thanking the interviewer for the time they have spent discussing the role and providing a brief overview of what you have discussed. For example, you might say something along the lines of, “Listening to you about the role, the companies objectives and long-term vision and the cutting edge technology you are using, has really confirmed my interest in the position”.

Confirm why you are qualified for the role

It is important that in ending the interview you reconfirm why you are qualified for the role. You could do by summarising some key skills discussed during the interview and match them to your skill set and experience. You could say something like, “I am so excited to hear that your company is about to implement Jira as the project management tool. Having used this in my current role, I will be able to bring you firsthand experience about the program and how to get the best out of it for what you are looking at doing”.

Ask if there is anything else required from you

Make sure that you have covered everything off while you are in front of the interviewer. For example, ask if they would like to see original references, original transcripts or other background information. Here is how you can deliver this, “Is there any other information that I can provide that would convince you that I am the right person for this job?”

Confirm the next steps in the hiring process

Before leaving the interview, make sure that you ask what the next steps are in the hiring process. Examples are, timeframes involved, are there any other people to meet with, what start date are they looking at?

Make sure you have the contact details of the interviewer

Before leaving the interview, ask the question about what is the best method of communication. Is it via phone or email? A good example of the question to ask is, “I’d like to stay in touch. How would you prefer I do this? Email or phone?” You will then be able to send follow up correspondence thanking them for their time and how excited you are about the position.

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