Let’s talk recruitment strategy

Sometimes you may just need a little help with your recruitment to get the ball rolling or to get your new hire across the line.  That’s why AUSTrecruits have put together the ‘unbundled’ options to help you right here, right now.


Job Description Design

Thinking of a new role for your business.  Not quite sure where to start or where the role will sit within your structure?  Let AUSTrecruits work with you to establish the detail behind the role function including:

  • Role name and reporting lines

  • Experience and skill requirement

  • Culture & Team Fit

  • Brand Alignment 



AUSTrecruits will work with you to design a job advertisement to match your key hiring criteria. Our specialist recruitment team will work together with you to help you maximise your advertising reach.

Reviewing Applicant Responses

Received a huge response to that ad you placed?  Or perhaps you are running a little short on time and need to focus your core role.  We can help by reviewing and shortlisting applicants according to the key criteria you have listed in your job description.

Screening of Applications

Need further insights into the people you have shortlisted?  Let AUSTrecruits design specific questions to interview the applicants over the phone to give you more information on the applicant and their suitability for the role and your Team.

Designing Role-Specific Interview Questions

Let one of our recruitment specialists help you with a range of behavioural and competency-based interview questions designed specifically for the role you are interviewing for.


So, what do you say after you say hello to the applicant?  Let AUSTrecruits design tailored interview questions that will keep on point during the interview and allow you to assess the suitability of the applicant for the role and your Team.  Need some further help?  One of our specialist and experience recruitment consultants is available to sit in with you if required.

Reference Checks

We design specific questions for the role in consultation with you. This can be conducted over the telephone or via email as needed.


Skills Testing

Based on your role, we can develop specialised tests to evaluate skillsets across a range of platforms and behavioural benchmarks.


Choose form one or more of the recruitment services on offer and let us tailor a package to suit your exact needs.